Beetroot Malt

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Sprouta Foods "Beetroot Malt"

It is a instant drink , you can directly mix with hot/warm/cold milk.

Ingredients :

Beetroot,Badam,Cashew,Pista,Organic Country Sugar(Nattu Sakkarai)


1.Mix a Spoon of powder to 150ml of milk and stir well.
2.Serve hot or cold.

Benefits :

* Beetroot is naturally rich in compounds called nitrates, making them heart-friendly. Nitrates help to improve blood flow by relaxing the blood vessels, reducing arterial stiffness and promoting dilation which potentially lowers blood pressure.

* The nitrates in beetroot helps to bring more oxygen to the muscle cells helping muscles recover more efficiently. For the rest of us, including beetroot in our diets might be the energy boost we need.

* Beetroots are one of the richest sources of glutamine, an amino acid essential to the health and maintenance of our gut. They’re also rich in fibre, which as well as supporting bowel function helps support the environment of the gut and the beneficial bacteria that reside there.

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