Black Urad Dal Ladoo

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Size: 150 GRAMS
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Black Urad Dal Ladoo
1.Rich in fibre, it aids in monitoring the portion of nutrients which get absorbed by the digestive tract.
2.Get ample dose of calcium, iron, vitamin B and other bone-building minerals from the daily intake of urad dal. You will get great bone mineral density, avert osteoporosis and enjoy excellent bone health.
3.You can maintain a healthy cardiovascular system with the help of adequate intake of black urad dal.
4.Urad dal being diuretic in nature helps maintain a healthy kidney. An adequate intake of this lentil will let you flush out toxins, uric acid, excess fat, calcium- all that tend to get deposited in the kidney and form stones.
5.Urad dal is highly soothing for the nerves. Consumption of this lentil will ensure that your nervous system gets strengthened.

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