Goan Hand-knitted Macrame Toran - Green & Red

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Size: 30 Inches/ 2.5 Feet
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Goan Hand-knitted Macrame Toran- Green & Red

What is Macrame?

Macrame is a French word that means "Knot". Basically, macrame is the art of tying geometrical knots. This technique of knotting does not include weaving by needles or any other tool, it is primarily done by hand-knotting ropes and threads to form squares and other forms of 'hitching'.

History of Macrame

Though it is quite hard to track the first macrame art ever made, it is said that the Arabian weavers used this technique to tie the loose ends of handmade fabrics. From the Arabian weavers, it slowly spread to Europe and become a favourite pass time for the sailors. As trade between India and European countries was at its peak at that time, the art of macrame found its way to Goa. Macrame was then forgotten by the world for years but during the 1980s macrame was revived again.


Washing Instructions- Wash it in cold water using mild detergent, avoid using a detergent containing bleach.


*Note- These torans are made on order, it will take 8-10 days to get dispatched.

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