Homemade Protein Malt Drink

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Homemade Vegetarian/Vegan Natural Protein Malt Drink

PUSHTI is a power packed 100% vegetarian/vegan natural protein malt drink for young and old alike.

The taste lingers for a long time. Children will love it for the taste while mothers will love it for the ease and convenience of preparation.

Women secretly worrying about the inadequacy of the family's nutritional needs can now relax in peace with the knowledge they made the right choice!

Rest assured you have armed your family with that vital nourishment that makes your family members excel in their endeavors.

Benefits :

  • Folic acid - Helps to prevent damage to DNA. It also helps body to maintain new cells.
  • Niacin - (Vitamin B3) helps to prevent Alzheimer's and age related loss of thinking skills, Arthritis, effects of aging.
  • Potassium - Helps to lower high blood pressure and preventing stroke.
  • Magnesium - Helps as laxative for constipation and antacid for acidity.
  • Riboflavin - Helps to treat migraines and cancer.
  • Thiamine - Important in the breakdown of carbohydrates from foods into products needed by the body. It also helps to improve brainpower, build muscle strength.
  • Fibres - Helps in maintaining body weight and reduction of food cravings.

Please Note: These products are Made at Home with utmost Love, Care & Hygiene. Our Seller Partner makes them with lots of Hard work, Passion & Dedication

Return Policy: The items can be Replaced only if they are damaged, spoiled. If you don’t like the taste then it can’t be replaced or exchanged. We recommend to share product opening videos when you get the products in case of any discrepancy.

Ingredients: Almond, Bengal gram, Barley, Green gram, Green peas, Ground nuts, Horse gram, Ragi, Soya, Cardamom, Cane Brown sugar.
Manufacture Date:

Made Freshly on orders

Use By Date:

6 months from the date of manufacture

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