Lapis Lazuli Stone Crystal Angel Statue

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An angel is an angel is an angle is an angel – An angel brings good luck, good omen, protection, health, happiness, success, divine experiences and love.

It is a representation of the healing, guarding, cosmic, pure & pious energies present in the world.

The union of angels and crystals makes a very auspicious combo - with the Lapis Lazuli stone angel bringing wellness in the form of harmony, honesty, peace, compassion, revealing inner-truth, self-awareness. It protects you from psychic issues.

It has tremendous healing powers therefore is acknowledged as The Wisdom Stone – it clears obstacles from the mind and from life so that wise decisions are made by you and life is smooth-sailing.

It lifts depression, improves retaining capacity, makes the brain sharp, makes you sleep like a baby, helps to maintain good, strong and mature relationships, in females it balances hormones while they are going through menopause, makes you confident and clear, therefore you gain an impressive personality. It helps you find yourself and know who you truly are.

The Lapis Lazuli Crystal Angel is known to be the best- nothing better than it.

It can be kept on your table, in your purse or pocket, under the pillow – make a connect with it, hold it while meditating and experience the magic happening

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