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Money plant, a perfect indoor companion, is known for bringing luck and prosperity. Money plant leaves have a coin like structure due to which it is known as Money Plant. According to the NASA Clean Air Study, it is listed as one of the top 10 air-filtering plants as it kills the harmful toxins present in the atmosphere. It is also considered as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. There is a belief that it brings wealth and abundance to the house, so mostly the householders grow them at home indoors. Feng Shui Money Plant enhances the energy in the home as it filters synthetic chemicals from its surroundings. The best place to keep money plant is near an electronic item like computer, TV, Wi-Fi router (which emits strong radio waves) Vastu Shashtra Money plant is recommended to be grown inside the house. At outdoors, direct sunlight can make its leaves dry hence affecting the luck factor. Important - If your soil is either too dry or overwatered, it can damage the plant’s roots and prevent the plant from growing. A plant with lush, thick leaves requires more water than plants with waxy or leathery leaves. Formation of mold, yellowing of leaves suggests that the plant has been over-watered while darkening of leaves suggest that plant needs to be moved farther away from sunlight. If you notice standing water in or under the pot, empty it out, so that your plant is not sitting in it. Standing water can kill plants

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