Multigrain Health Mix

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Gavi Homemade Multigrain Health Mix - Multigrain health drink is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Healthy and Nutritious Multigrain Health Mix for Adults and Kids.

Healthy Instant kids friendly porridge drink.


  • Strengthens the muscles and immunity booster.
  • Good for diabetic patients, weight loss, digestion.
  • Helps for brain development and keeps kids strong and healthy.
  • Contains ample amount of vitamins, minerals, zinc, proteins, iron, magnesium and anti-oxidants.
  • Helps to balance the tridosha (vata,pitta,kapha) in our body.

Please Note: These products are Made at Home with utmost Love, Care & Hygiene.      Our Seller Partner makes them with lots of Hard work, Passion & Dedication

Ingredients: All kinds of millets, Wheat, Horsegram, Green gram, Red Rice, Ginger, Pepper, Soya, Methi and dry nuts.
Manufacturing Date: August'20
Use By Date:

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